Window Tinting

Over 25 years of experience . 


Window Tinting not only makes  your car look good, but you look good in an attractive vehicle.  


You can choose from different shades of our professional film which compliments factory glass color. We will help guide you through the benefits of darker and lighter tint based on your driving needs.


We will also advise you about laws for state and country so you don't get into trouble!



Window tinting is a must in Yuma's extremely warm year-round climate.  We only use Llumar window film which has high heat repelling features and rejects 99,9% of Ultra Violet UVA and UVB rays.  This keeps your car cooler as well as much as 30 degrees! 


Llumar film is also recognized by the American Skin Cancer Association as a .


Window tint also helps protect your car's interior so it lasts longer to reduce fading and help with your resale value.  

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We only use LLumar window films which have a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty.  

With more than 55 years in the industry, Llumar is one of the word's most respected brands of high performance window film. 


Llumar films are manufactured by Eastman Chemical Company in the USA and feature quality construction and comply with international laws and testing standards. 


Llumar films are durable, have strong stratch resistant coating and are virtually maintanance free once installed.  


Ask us about our product specific warranties.


" Had my CR-V windows tinted here last winter.  The guy was friendly and very helpful.  He went over all the details and didn't pressure me into picking one tint over another.   I initially picked this spot because of a positive review on google.  It was a tad pricier than some of the other places I got quotes from but it was worth it."